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Filling out an application or going through the screening process does not obligate you to adopt from Seattle Beagle Rescue nor does it guarantee that Seattle Beagle Rescue will be able to adopt a Beagle to you.  If at any time you want to stop the process, please let your Adoption Counselor know.


The entire adoption process can take up to two or three weeks, maybe more if we don’t have the right match for you.  Please remember that all Seattle Beagle Rescue's volunteers have other jobs and families that require their attention ....so please be patient with us. Seattle Beagle Rescue has been very successful with this adoption process, and look forward to helping you find the right Beagle for your family!


You will receive a call from a volunteer Adoption Counselor to discuss your application and the type of dog you’re looking for.  Working with you, our Adoption Counselors can help identify a good fit for your family, your home and your lifestyle.


Your Adoption Counselor will contact your reference and your veterinarian (as appropriate) to ensure appropriate care of current and/or previous pets. Please contact your veterinarian and give the staff permission to release your pet’s information to Seattle Beagle Rescue. 


If you have a landlord, they will be called to make sure that pets are allowed in your home.  


After this information is verified your Adoption Counselor will contact you to discuss your application.


Your Adoption Counselor will find out more about the Beagles that are in our care and research which Beagle(s) could be a match for you and your family. The foster family will contact you to discuss their foster Beagle and your situation.  If you both think there is a match, you and your family (4 legged and 2 legged) will meet the foster Beagle on a mutually agreeable date and time, preferably at the foster Beagle’s home.  


It is important for everyone in the family to meet the dog. This allows everyone to determine if it is a good match for the Beagle and a good match for the family.  In some cases, the dogs don't get along, someone might be allergic or maybe it is not a personality/energy level match.


Spend a day or two thinking about if you are ready for this commitment and if this is the right match for you at this time. During this time the foster family will also take the time to make sure you are a good match for the Beagle.


No…This Beagle is not a good match.  Now what?

We will continue looking for the right match.  We may find one today or we may find one in a few weeks.  It's ok to be patient for the right buddy to come into your family.  We just want to make the right match for everyone involved.


YES!  This Beagle is for me!

Great!  If the foster family agrees, your home passes inspection, and your references are fantastic, we can move forward with the adoption. 


If we approve your application and have found a match for your family, one of our volunteers will call to schedule a home visit.  Please have everyone in your family home during this visit.  During this visit we look for areas that may be a safety hazard for a new Beagle, inside and outside of your home.   We will suggest areas of needed repair, if any.  This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the breed and our process.  Upon completion of the home visit, a report will be given to your Adoption Counselor stating whether or not your home is suitable for a Beagle.