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Red love heart on hearts

In honor of Hunter Petersen and his loving family. 

​♥ Brooke W.


In Memory of Harley 



For Pat Murdoch, my wonderful and adored grandmother who fiercely loved her children, grandchildren, and beagles. 

​♥ Amy Murdoch


In tribute to Carolyn Furlong
Happy Mother’s Day mom!
♥ Rich

*Painting of Clyde, adopted beagle, watercolor by Zoë Furlong

3 beagles.jpg

Tribute to our three pups Mowgli, Buddy, and Millie

​♥Karen/William Davis 

Red love heart on hearts

In memory of our little girl Sophie​

♥Loren Brandt


Linus was adorable, a brave and gentle soul. He came to me a very scared, nervous, and untrusting
guy. But he slowly gained his confidence and found that everything was actually okay! He had a loving
home, and friends galore, dogs and people alike. He loved his nest (a kitty perch that I put in front of the
window for him), his meals (of course!), his walks, and his fan club. He was a sweet boy and I'm thankful
that I adopted him.


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