Sponsoring is a great way to show your support for Seattle Beagle Rescue. We count on the donations of generous animal lovers like you to be able to save the beagles. In many cases, these homeless dogs come to us in bad condition and require extensive veterinary care—much more than the adoption donation covers. Each beagle we take in gets examined by a vet, vaccinated, tested for parasites, and spayed/netuered, and we also treat any other health issues. For older dogs, we run full bloodwork to get a good picture of their health. As a volunteer non-profit organization, we rely on your support to be able to provide this care

A Spay or Neuter-$260

We will not adopt out a dog unless they have been spayed or neutered. In many cases dog come into the rescue and need spaying or neutering


For a relatively healthy dog, bloodwork will cost about $120. This cost goes up with known and for health diagnositics


For dogs that come from out of state, typical transportation is around $100. Dogs coming from out of the country can cost as much as $450 for a flight

One Night Boarding-$30

Sometimes we accept dogs and we do not have a foster secured, other times our fosters go on vacation and some dogs come in and we need to asses them physically and behaviorly before finding a foster home. Access to boarding is an important part of running a rescue