Korean Beagle Project S. Korea Day 3

Hello again from Seoul, today was spent being tourists. We spent some time getting an understanding of how we will process the puppies through the airport for transit to Seattle. As an international airport Inchon has done a very good job of showcasing some of the local botanicals through various gardens and plantings throughout the airport complex. We spent a great deal of time in the Whispering Garden taking pictures. Lilac spent her day doing some shopping. She was off to the mall in search of a bargain (or two) possibly to hide in her suitcase for her trip. It should be noted that this was her first trip to a shopping mall and she was incredibly well behaved. She does seen to attract a crowd when she is “out and about” we have been told that beagles are not a very common breed of pet for a dog here in South Korea. During one of her stops she picked out something that she seemed quite fond of an gave it a quick test before deciding that it was a keeper. The consensus is that if the little girl gets her way, it will be straight off the airplane out of the airport and straight to the pet store to search out some more toys for the toy chest. Note to self; invest in a toy chest for the puppy.



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