Korean Beagle Project S. Korea Day 2

Hello Everyone Welcome to what can only be said as a very interesting day 2 posting and a very interesting part of the world to be at the moment. Let me fist start of by saying all is well here in Seoul and people are going about their daily lives as they always do. Today we had the great pleasure of meeting the foster parents of Violet who has already been transferred to the United States; these same foster parents introduced us today to Lilac who is the daughter of Violet. We spent a wonderful afternoon getting acquainted with Lilac and the foster family and have found that beagles are certainly beagles the world over. Our collective experience has been that beagles are generally ruled by their noses and while we have never experienced this behavior from a beagle puppy as we have never met one before Lilac held true to her genetics and let us through a very nice walking tour of a park that included most bushes, trees and areas definitely off the “beaten path” On another note in preparation for our trip I did purchase from a popular online store some adapters and an inverter to connect some of our technology to for the purposes of charging and of course being able to create this and subsequent posts. The attached picture may speak to my level of success. As it turned out the adapter I bought does not work in Seoul but it does plug into an adapter that came with the power inverter/converter that was purchased that then plugs into a plug that connects power. Does anyone remember those old commercial about plugging to many things into one plug!!!! I have attached a picture of how the Peter Principle has been applied to my electrical needs. Don’t try this at home folks but it is working for me.

Regards Peter D.  

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