Korean Beagle Project S. Korea Day 1

Hello Everyone We have arrived safe and sound here in South Korea, it has been a very long day of travel so this will be a brief update with a few pictures of our “home” for the 13 hour flight. Our flight departed promptly at 12:40 pm PST and arrived in Seoul some 13 hours later. Thankfully we were able to sleep and we were well fed. The flight itself was pretty uneventful until about six hours in when Peter decided he wanted to go to the mall. I applaud all who can spend an extended period of time on an aircraft for such long trips. I distracted myself with some arcade golf which seemed to slow down my cabin fever. Judi was quite busy reading, watching movies and napping from time to time. On Sunday we are hoping to meet one of the beagles that will be coming back with us at a beagle café. We will share some phots of that event if it does take place. I have attached a picture of us getting settled in on the airplane. Regards Peter D 

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