Korean Beagle Project goes to S. Korea

Hello Reader, let us introduce ourselves; we are the Adcock family Judith and Peter. (Abby, Lexi and Toby (the beagle brigade)) We have been doing work with Seattle Beagle rescue for many years, we have helped find several “forever” homes for some of the beagles that we were fortunate enough to help. We are now embarking on one of our most daring adventures to date. While working with Seattle Beagle Rescue on the Korean Beagle Rescue Project it came to our attention that one of the Beagles (Violet) who was rescued was with pup and this would be a challenge to transport her as the pup could not travel for several months due to vaccination requirements and various other custom related laws in the United States. Seattle Beagle Rescue in working with our partner organization in this endeavor and were able to secure a foster family for Violet and Lilac (puppy) for a period of time until the puppy could be separated from the mother and the mother could be transported to the United States where it is my understanding she is now doing well in her new home with such extra-curricular activities as destroying packages of toilet paper!!! Sounds like a perfectly adjusted beagle to me. This did however leave the care of Lilac to consider and next steps to have her transported to the United States and placed in a home. There was a decision made early that we would volunteer our time to courier the puppy from Korea to the United States for rehoming. There was a fundamental flaw in the male logic here (or was it actually a well designed plan). Pictures and updates began to trickle in from the foster family and it became clear that a long distance attachment was being developed and that a mutually unspoken decision had been made by the Adcock family that we wanted to take on the responsibility of a permanent home for little lilac. So the planning began, airline tickets, conversations about travel paperwork, making sure the airline of choice would allow transport of the puppy in cabin. It all sounded so simple, with the help of several people including Seattle Beagle Rescue and their partner organization in this we are all set to depart for Seoul South Korea on September 1st to retrieve the latest addition to our family and the final Korean Rescue Beagle. We are planning to providing pictures and potential video to Settle Beagle Rescue that we are hoping they will be able to share with a wider group of people. We are clearly not videographers, however we are hopeful this will turn out to be a good representation of our trip to retrieve lilac. In closing we would like to thank Seattle Beagle Rescue and their partner organization for this huge undertaking and the work that they are doing and continue to do through their volunteer network to provide for beagles in need of a better life situation. Finally, I wanted to share a picture of the puppy out for fresh air. Regards Peter D.  

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