Happy Tails for Herc

Herc is the dog that came to us because he had an ACL tear. His Owner's sister called from out of state and said they were just going to release him on the reservation. She got him to sign Herc over to us. In the process of recovery he got a second tear and needed more surgery. He then was adopted by Bainbridge PAWs who placed him through a senior to senior program. Unfortunately, Herc was too much for his adopter Mike. Herc weighs about 50 pounds. He got excited by something on a walk, pulled his Mike down and Mike was badly injured needing surgery on his shoulder. Mike is really sad about returning Herc. The new foster parents just adopted Herc. We believe Herc is about 9 but we don't know for sure. First owner was not sure of age. Herc is very happy with a younger beagle brother and a boy to keep him company.

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