Help us with the Korean Beagles

The Seattle Beagle Rescue is putting their paws into a new adventure – rescuing Beagles from Korea! In about 5-6 weeks we hope to be able to bring 11 beagles, ages 1-6, from a small rescue in Korea to the Seattle area, but we can’t do it alone. We desperately need your help through monetary donations to save these Beagles! We don't have a lot of information at this time on each individual Beagle, however, we do know that they are coming from a puppy mill which bred puppies for sale to research labs. The owner of the puppy mill has a terminal illness and is getting rid of all the dogs (not just Beagles by the way) by selling them, unfortunately, for the Korean meat market. We have been extremely lucky to work with this Korean rescue who now has custody of these lucky Beagles. The Beagles are now awaiting travel to the United States, hopefully arriving around early to mid-May.

Each Beagle will be vaccinated for rabies prior to travel, per airline regulations. They will all be tested for heartworm as well and we know that many of these Beagles will test positive due to being bitten and infected by a carrier mosquito. This is a curable condition, but it is expensive and very time consuming for each dog (potentially $4000 per dog and 7 months of treatment). Each Beagle will need a “plane” ticket to get here and that can be up to $785 per dog for the ticket, a travel crate, a required overnight quarantine and a veterinarian-issued health certificate. Once these adorable Beagles arrive, they will then get a full medical by our veterinarian and further treatment for any other medical issues, such as fleas, tooth problems, skin issues, and even eye issues due to their living conditions and lack of regular medical care. And of course, as a breeding dog, they will all be spayed or neutered once they arrive. All of this will cost money, and some Beagles will require more than others. We WILL make this happen for these lonely dogs, but your help is so greatly needed and appreciated.

These Beagles have lived in wire cages all their lives with barely enough room for two. They have had no exposure to positive human contact, regular health and medical care, or even running on grass or rolling in the dirt. They haven’t played with toys, run around together as a loud rambunctious Beagle pack or slept on a soft bed at night. We know that helping these Beagles will take much time, coordination, patience, love and lots of money, but that is what we do, because we love Beagles (and dogs in general) and know that each dog deserves a loving home to live out their lives. Will you help us? Please…for each Beagle is awaiting a start to a new, happy and safe life.

We also may have opportunity for couriers. For those already traveling back from Incheon, Korea on either Asiana or Korean air between early to mid-May. A courier may bring back up to 2 dogs at half the cost for us than shipping cargo. The obligation of the courier is to show up to airport 3 hours early and the rest is taken care of. If you know anyone that may fit this please respond.

Ways you can help now: Fostering

Donating on either our page or go fund me (go fund me takes a large cut of overhead). Please note that the wix website is under construction and will take over the domain once complete. We are also fundraising for worst case and will adjust goals as we get more info in. Please share!!!

Thank you!!!

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