Happy Hounds: Sammy aka Swarley

Early this year, my wife and I had to put our beloved Bentley to sleep. He was only 2.5 years and had suffered from an epileptic seizure to which he never fully recovered. Needless to say, the family was devastated as he was a major part of our family.

Swarley's new name is Sammy!

One evening while relaxing on the couch watching TV, my wife and I started watching YouTube videos on different breeds of dogs. We probably watched upwards of 20 videos and finally came across the mighty Beagle. As we watched the video we couldn't help but miss our Bentley, he was a Walker Coonhound. As curiosity got the better of us, we checked local adoption agencies and rescues to see what the options were for Beagles.

This is when we came across Seattle Beagle Rescue and found Swarley's picture. We loved his soft eyes and long floppy ears, you know what I'm talking about. After a few email exchanges and some phone calls, I met Swarley's parents and Swarley himself. From the beginning, both parties knew that this was indeed a good situation for Swarley. After a home visit and an introduction to the kids, Swarley found a new home and we as a family were able to fill a giant hole in our lives.

We will always love Bentley and will cherish the time we had with him. As I type this, Swarley (who is now names Sammy), is laying on the couch sound asleep with his favorite pillow. Thank you Seattle Beagle Rescue for taking such great care in finding good homes for this wonderful breed. My hope is that others may read this story and find similarities within their own lives and will look into the possibility of adopting a Beagle. They are GREAT dogs!

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