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Randall came all the way from a Kentucky Shelter in search of a new life. This energetic, loving boy is going to be a wonderful addition to someone’s family. He is estimated to be between one and two years old,

Below are a few comments from Randall’s foster dad.

Super friendly and loveable. Is relaxed most of the time and is an absolute delight. Will cuddle if you want or he finds a comfortable spot close and takes a nap. He is very comfortable in his crate but we haven’t done any closed-door crate work yet. But he heads to his crate frequently and is spending the night in the crate (with the door open).

Gobbles up his own food but is very disciplined around people food and people eating. He wanders the kitchen while we’re cooking but he doesn’t beg and isn’t trying to hop up on counters or access any of our food. We’ve eaten off TV trays and he hasn’t engaged us at all. We’ve not allowed him in the dining room when eating but he can see us from his side of the baby gate and just lies down, watches and waits.

When he’s excited, he’s very excited. A new family member entering the room is exciting; treats are exciting; getting the leashes ready is exciting. He jumps and nips still but a tight, holding hug with petting on the chest will calm him down. That can take a couple minutes. And then in his calm state, he’s so very loving and friendly.

When we’ve been home, he has been surprisingly quiet and maybe barked twice….both times we were indoors…once at a neighbor at their bbq and another at a raccoon.

During walks he’s pulling and he’s strong. We’ve been working with him and he’ll get better during the course of the walk. We have moments of really pleasant walking but he’s sniffing everything and very curious.

Seems to be house trained. The one accident we had was his first entry into the house. Since the first event, he’s had no accidents and sleeps through the night. He’ll wake up around 5:30 but if no one is up, he’ll go back in the crate for another hour. Repeats at 6:30 to see if folks are awake and goes back in crate if no one is. No whimpering, howling, or barking…just an exploratory walk to see if anyone is up and then back into the crate.

Randall is still new to life in a home. He wants to be with people all the time and howls when left alone.

We think Randall would love another dog as a play companion, and a fenced yard to run off some energy. Also with another dog, he won’t feel so abandoned when his people leave.

Randall is kid friendly but older kids are best as he might knock over the littles with his happy greetings.

Sorry we have no cat information.

Randall is 45 pounds and 24 inches high.

Dog's PAWfile

  • Age: 1-2

  • Gender: Male

  • Primary color: White, brown and black

  • Coat length: Short

  • Spayed/Neutered: 

  • Current on vaccinations? 

  • Good with other pets? unknown

  • Good with kids? Yes - Older Children

  • Housebroken? Yes

  • Vet: 

  • Adoption fee: $250