Dory (Grey)



We are the proud parents of Miss Dory.  Dory was originally known as gray. Dory was very thin and terrified of everything. We have had her for about a month. She greets me everyday with tail wags! She loves to go on walks and sniff everything. She is still scared of noises and unexpected touches but she is learning that people are nice. She loves belly rubs and ear scratches.  She also loves her new brother, Cooper. She likes to cuddle with him for naps and to steal his treats! 


We love Dory and are so grateful for the chance to love her and make her part of our family!

Rebecca and Ed

Chance (Pink)

Pink now Chance is a seven year old male pup that came to Seattle, May 3rd.  He was one of the first two pups to come, along with Dory.  I fell in love with him when I first saw his picture as he reminded me so much of my beloved Cooper who passed unexpectantly, December 23rd--I couldn't help thinking of the movie, "A Dog's Purpose"!

Luckily Chance was heart worm negative, but did have blisters between his toes, and didn't bark.  He was shy and flinched if we tried to pet him and didn't understand what a toy was, but soon was gathering them up and putting them in a pile on his bed. Though I bought him a comfy bed he preferred to sleep on the doormat in the family room.  As I have other dogs we took it slow with the introductions, but we soon learned that he was fine with them.  

He now sleeps in a queen sized bed and barks now and then.  At times when he's asleep he cries out and trembles, but when I wake him up he wags his tail and puts his head in my lap.  We officially adopted him; he's ours.  Pictured with his brother Cliffy B.


Honey (White)

Honey has adjusted wonderfully in her new home! She is potty train, she loves her brother and her sister (which are small dogs) and I'm very excited to say that she is leash trained. My husband and I took her up to Everett on a mini vacation and she did wonderful there was no accidents and she was happy to explore. Every day when my husband and I get home from work she greets us with excitement along with all the other animals. She loves strong hugs and to burrow her face into our bodies like she can't get close enough.

Ginger (Brown)

Brown was the second beagle of the group to get de-crated and cleaned up because we had to go straight to the vets. Poor girl. Scared to death. I have never seen a tail so tightly tucked between her legs. We put her back in her now cleaned crate and drove the 25 minutes to the vets. Brown, now Kory, got car sick and upon arrival her crate was full of vomit, urine and diarrhea. We carried her into the vet office in a towel because she wouldn't walk on a leash.
The vet was very gentle. They took some blood and got her cleaned up for the ride home. We met our own dog on neutral territory up the street and walked home together. Kory was most comfortable in her crate and she had to be pulled out of it to go outside to the bathroom.
The name Kory didn't seem right and so she was renamed Ginger, which is a shade of brown. Over the next couple days she got used to sleeping on my bedroom floor in a dog bed, but soon figured out our other dog was allowed on the bed and she quickly adapted.
By the time she got used to walks and a schedule it was time to get her spayed. She recovered from that and each day has been better and better although she is still more attached to me than my husband or daughter. I keep her crate within view but I keep the door closed so she knows it is ok to be free. She still will only eat and drink if the food is brought to her in her dog bed. To her credit, our other dog would eat Ginger's after eating her own so I don't mind that I feed her separately.
We take her out in public areas so that she gets socialized. Other people and noises don't scare her as much as they did in the beginning.
She is heartworm positive and tonight she is at the vets for her injection in the morning. We look forward to getting her home at the end of the week.
She is going to be a wonderful pet for a lucky family.


Alana (Red)

My foster/adopt of Alana began March 4th at the SBR fund raiser at Northwest Cellars. I remember you and I talked about my future fostering a beagle. Then barely a month later, I chipped in to help get the Korean 11(soon to be 12) over here. We had a family discussion and I fired off a Facebook message that we wanted to foster one of the dogs. We all thought Red was adorable with her long ears and ticking. I had a great talk with Connie and we were on our way to foster Red! Unfortunately, shortly after that, Red was thought to have distemper and had to spend time at the vet clinic. Thankfully, she was okay and was going to be able to fly with the other dogs.
May 10th! We were all excited to meet our new family members... Getting the dogs through customs seemed to take forever! Finally, they released the Magnificent Seven and we met Red, who we had already changed her name to Alana. Poor Alana had thrown up and pottied in her crate, she was a smelly mess! She had a appointment with Dr. Raja at 4:30 that day so she was one of the first to leave. Dr. Raja said she was healthy and to wait a week for her spaying. We have 2 other Beagles, Gizmo and Ferris. Gizmo who is 12, is our foundation beagle, we have had him since he was 4 months old. Ferris is a SBR alum, he's 14 now. We were adopted by him in 2010 along with Eunice, who was renamed Maxine.
So Gizmo took to Alana right away, Ferris barked at her for a couple days then accepted her as a pack member.
Alana is heart worm positive, so she is undergoing treatment for it. Right now she's boarding at Dr. Raja's for the last session. We miss her, the boys have been looking for her as well. She will come home tomorrow, yay!
House breaking is slowly getting better, she has a few indoor accidents. I know that the dogs were kept in cages back in Korea, so that too is a new experience for her. We take her out with the boys constantly and she is picking up on it. Alana is a 2 year old puppy, I think she never got a chance to be a puppy. Just a breeding dog... We are training her to sit, come and stay. Alana knows her name, and Gizmo is teaching her canine manners as well. Don't try and eat my dinner while I'm still eating it! She loves my 14 month old granddaughter. We are so happy to have Alana and I thank everyone who donated to help bring these sweet pups here!.

Emma (Green)

Sweet, sweet Emma has quite the personality. It varies from day to day, sometimes minute to minute. She came to me as Green, but definitely knows she’s Emma now!  She’s had a pretty chill summer, recovering from heart worm and only recently allowed to really get out and play.

She’s pretty great at asking for and accepting snuggles. She gets so excited when I get home that she starts shaking and prancing until I can get to her for scratches.  This is absolutely adorable and melts my heart! She loves to play chase with her foster siblings (especially her two beagle sisters), loves toys, and treats (chicken being her favorite). She hasn’t yet learned how to catch a treat, turning her head right at the last minute, resulting in her foster siblings getting the treat instead. She’ll get it! She is definitely a night owl, running around the house turning over the food bowls, finding my flip flops and toys hidden by the others. She has no problem letting me know when she wants to go out in the night with a very unique bark! 

Emma is still afraid of quite a few things, mainly fireworks so we look forward to summer ending when the big bad booms will stop.  Emma is also weirdly afraid of a leash and prefers playing in the yard or house to going for a walk. That has been our focus lately using yummy treats as an incentive to go for walks.

She is a beautiful, beautiful girl that will, I have no doubt, blossom into a wonderful dog once she overcomes her fears.

Baloo (Orange)

We are taking care of Baloo. He was originally named orange. His first foster named him Batou and we changed it to Baloo when we took him over. He is answering to his name now!!  He is doing well in our home. He is super sweet and wants to spend most of his time cuddling and getting ear scratches. It is taking time for him to adjust to our male dog and being alone. He still has separation anxiety but is slowly getting better. He just started chasing  our two beagles around when they are playing- he really wants to play but is still trying to figure out how. His favorite things are squeaky soft toys, cheese, hot dogs and ice cream!! He is the happiest when it is time for food and joins in on the chaos of happy barking and jumping for his food. 
He is a great dog and he will be starting obedience class this coming week.

Ellie Blue (Blue)

She has recently come around a lot and starting to act like this is her home and we are her family. She loves to snuggle and pets. She has a few toys but she doesn't tear them up, she loves on them or tosses them and plays. We're very eager for her to get the all clear to play since she just had the 2nd heart worm shot a couple weeks ago!




Ollie (Yellow)

We have had the opportunity to adopt (in process) Ollie.  Ollie’s original “color” name was Yellow.  His foster family gave him the freedom name of Colby (after yellow cheese) but when we began the adoption process we named him Ollie (“Sir Oliver” when he is being a little regal beagle) as we did not want his name to have anything to do with “food” for obvious reasons.  He has adjusted well to his new name, and is often called Sir Oliver as he likes to sit in that proud beagle manner and look out into is new yard! He was initially very afraid of loud noises and sudden movements in his environment and was not able to eat his food near any people.  For a few days he ate his food alone on the outside deck but he has been able to move to eating in the house and even having a few “pats on the head” before eating.  Eating is slowly becoming a not so scary daily event.   He is no longer afraid of coming through the back door and no longer appears to need an “escape route” out of the house.  He is settling in very nicely and learning that the people in his environment only love him and that hands, sticks (fishing poles) and brooms won’t ever hurt him again.  As one of the suspected male breeders, he is “learning” this is no longer his job and responding to “be polite” when we carry our 14 year old female pug around-this triggers his past “job” responsibilities.   In addition, he is getting the nickname “Little Princess” because after 4 years of sleeping on a wire crate, he seems to think the king size, memory foam with down comforter bed is not soft enough for his little behind and likes to ruffle things up.  His little personality is changing daily and we are enjoying every minute of his new learning experiences and acceptance of the love he deserves.  A huge thank goes out from our family to all the volunteers who gave time, financing and their love and devotion to help bring this little man to safety and into our lives. 



M'Lynn (Black)

This is for M'Lynn formally known as Black.


The two things that stand out the most as to change in her behavior are


1. She is so happy at meal times.  She has a happy smile on her face knowing she gets to eat and that it is her dish and nobody will take it away from her.


2. We have noticed that she has finally "exhaled" and knows that she is safe and can breath again. We see the fear leaving her every day. 


M'Lynn has brought so much love into our home and we hope that we are giving her as much love back.  We saw from the first minutes that she would fit in just fine as she and our girls ran around the yard together like they had always been together.



Violet (Violet)

When Violet was first wheeled out the door of the airport terminal, in her crate, she waited patiently for us to cut her out of her crate. We finally got through the tape and zip ties, we harnessed & leashed her and she was out the door! She ran all over outside, sniffing, bouncing from planter to planter. She was overjoyed to be free. We had a long trip to the veterinarian in Kirkland, to start her health check. Then, an even longer ride home, across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island. Violet slept the entire time, she must have been exhausted. When we finally got home, our beagle puppy was outside to greet her. Violet was unamused. But, Violet was so happy with her new surrounding, bed, food and toys, she was willing to overlook the rambunctious puppy. The puppy wrestled with her mercilessly but Violet laid there and took it. Violet was happy to be here & she wasn't going to get in trouble for 'fighting'. It was only after a couple days of laying low, Violet snapped out of her shell. She started running this puppy in high speed, tight circles around the coffee table, up and down the stairs and all through the dog yard! Violet was now a dog, the older dog & she wasn't going to take some silly little puppy bossing her around anymore. No, sir! After a few days of chase, the two girls decided they could be great friends. After all, there was enough food and toys for the both of them. Mae & Violet are pretty much inseparable now.  They go everywhere together, they eat together, play together, sleep together. Violet has settled right in, she's so happy. She 'sings' for treats, has a stick collection and loves to sun herself on the balcony. The only 'oddity' we've seen in Violet is, she's sensitive to textures under her feet. Most likely from the wire bottom cage she was kept in. She really does not like gravel, so we've replaced any gravel paths int he dog yard with grass. Other than that, I'd say Violet is unscathed from her horrible previous existence. We're looking forward to her new life with us. 

Luci (Dory's Pup)

Luci came to the Seattle Beagle Rescue as Kami around 5months of age. She came bounding out of her crate at Seatac airport ready to take on the world. She immediately began to make friends with her fellow canine flight crew and she has been making new friends ever since. She was fortunate to be raised by a wonderful foster family in Korea and, because of her early experience, she is very confident and has a beautiful disposition. I am a positive reinforcement dog trainer and she is proving to be a very smart little girl that catches on quickly. Watching her play with her two human brothers and two canine brothers makes it hard to comprehend that, with a flip of fate, her life would have been reduced to a cold cage and hurtful experiments or she would have been food. The thought is heartbreaking, however, by the grace of all that is good, she will now be loved beyond measure and spoiled each day of her life. Thank you to each and every donor for your love and support to help these sweet souls to freedom. 


Sami (Lilac)

Hello Reader, let us introduce ourselves; we are the Adcock family Judith and Peter.  (Abby, Lexi and Toby (the beagle brigade))


We have been doing work with Seattle Beagle rescue for many years, we have helped find several “forever” homes for some of the beagles that we were fortunate enough to help. We are now embarking on one of our most daring adventures to date. While working with Seattle Beagle Rescue on the Korean Beagle Rescue Project it came to our attention that one of the Beagles (Violet) who was rescued was with pup and this would be a challenge to transport her as the pup could not travel for several months due to vaccination requirements and various other custom related laws in the United States. Seattle Beagle Rescue in working with our partner organization in this endeavor and were able to secure a foster family for Violet and Lilac (puppy) for a period of time until the puppy could be separated from the mother and the mother could be transported to the United States where it is my understanding she is now doing well in her new home with such extra-curricular activities as destroying packages of toilet paper!!! Sounds like a perfectly adjusted beagle to me.


This did however leave the care of Lilac to consider and next steps to have her transported to the United States and placed in a home. There was a decision made early that we would volunteer our time to courier the puppy from Korea to the United States for rehoming. There was a fundamental flaw in the male logic here (or was it actually a well designed plan). Pictures and updates began to trickle in from the foster family and it became clear that a long distance attachment was being developed and that a mutually unspoken decision had been made by the Adcock family that we wanted to take on the responsibility of a permanent home for little lilac.

So the planning began, airline tickets, conversations about travel paperwork, making sure the airline of choice would allow transport of the puppy in cabin.  It all sounded so simple, with the help of several people including  Seattle Beagle Rescue and their partner organization in this we are all set to depart for Seoul South Korea on September 1st to retrieve the latest addition to our family and the final Korean Rescue Beagle.

We are planning to providing pictures and potential video to Seattle Beagle Rescue that we are hoping they will be able to share with a wider group of people. We are clearly not videographers, however we are hopeful this will turn out to be a good representation of our trip to retrieve lilac.

In closing we would like to thank Seattle Beagle Rescue and their partner organization for this huge undertaking and the work that they are doing and continue to do through their volunteer network to provide for beagles in need of a better life situation.


Finally, I wanted to share a picture  of the puppy out for fresh air.  






Unduri (Dory's Pup)

Unduri is currently in a foster home in Korea and will make his trip to the US on September 6th. He his a hight energy puppy and is the son of Dory and brother of Luci. He has foster family in Seattle ready to meet him.

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