Seattle Beagle Rescue was asked to help out with an international effort to bring 13 beagles from South Korea to Seattle. The owner of a puppy mill (raising beagles for laboratory testing) was dying of a terminal illness. He was selling off the remaining breeding dogs for human consumption. A compassionate individual bought them all from the breeder, but could not home them all and was housing them all at the puppy mill. Empathy For Life (A Korean Animal Rescue) got word of this situation offering to help (and thinking it was only 1 or 2 dogs). Through their connections Saving Great Animals, whom Seattle Beagle Rescue has worked with in the past, asked if we could take on these pups. How could we say no?

These dogs had never had any vet care or positive human interactions. They were brought into a boarding facility where they were given color names to identify them and  were giving their initial rabies shots (required for US entry) . There were 3 males (4-7 yrs old) and 8 females (2-4 yrs old). Seven of the beagles tested positive for heartworm (completely preventable and curable). Red suffered initial bout of distemper, along with brown (although she exhibited no symptoms) with both recovering. Green also suffered corona, but was medically cleared after spending a couple days on treatment at the vet. None of these pups had been spayed or neutered.

Flying alone is $500 per beagle via cargo and $538 for two with a courier. This does not include the crate and quarantine. None of these dogs are spayed or neutered which is usually $300 per dog. Also, for those that have tested positive for heart-worm, treatments range from $800 to $1500 per dog. Please consider helping us in this mission by donating.

The beagles will begin arriving on May 3rd. Both Pink and Grey will be on their way and flying with a courier. The next batch of 4 will fly cargo on May 10th with Blue, White, Yellow, and Brown. Four more will arrive on May 17th: Red, Black, Green and Orange. Violet decided to surprise us with a baby Lilac. It is still up in the air if Lilac will be able to make it to the US. It will require a foster for 4 months in Korea (as regulation will not let her fly before that). We strongly advocate to help us and foster.

These dogs have never been treated as pets and first received a dose of kindness via the volunteer rescuers in Korea. They are not potty trained, have never played fetch, never gone on walks, never slept in a comfy puppy bed or played with toys. Please open your heart and consider fostering. Also continue to follow our story.

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