Hello Seattle Beagle Rescue Friends,


In about 5-6 weeks we will be bringing 11 beagles from a small rescue in Korea to the Seattle area. These beagles will be in need of foster care. We don't have a lot of information at this point. We do know that the beagles came from a puppy mill and were used to breed puppies for sale to research labs. The owner of the puppy mill has a terminal illness and is getting rid of the dogs by selling them for the Korean meat market. The beagles are lucky to now be in the custody of the Korean rescue, where they are waiting to travel to the United States. We are expecting their arrival around the middle of May.


These beagles will need very special foster homes with a lot of patience and love. We know the beagles have never been inside. They are not house trained. We also know that at least some will be heart-worm positive and will need treatment that will require them to be kept calm for up to several months. Also, foster parents of a heart-worm positive dog will need keep their other pets on preventative. 


We think the beagles are between the ages of 1 and 6 but that is just an estimate. Every experience will be a new one for these dogs. 

Seattle Beagle Rescue will cover all medical costs. Our vet is located in Kirkland however we would consider making arrangements with your established vet in some circumstances. If you might be interested in fostering one of these beagles, please complete a foster application  and indicate Korean beagles and a volunteer will call you. 

It is possible that a few of our established foster homes will foster some of the Korean beagles. In that case we will be looking for foster homes that are willing to foster local dogs that may need a place during this time. If you might be willing to help with this, please complete a foster application so we can call and talk with you about fostering.

Current foster parents who would like to foster one of these beagles please email us at

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