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Thank you so much for wanting to volunteer with Seattle Beagle Rescue.  Without a volunteer network such as ours, our Beagles would never have such an easy transition from an animal shelter and into your home. It's easy to help a pup in need! Here are some of the ways to volunteer! 

  • Transport. Volunteers transport Beagles from shelters to our veterinarian on the Eastside, like Uber but just for Beagles. Some volunteers come all the way from Eastern Washington to meet another volunteer who will then transport the homeless Beagle to our veterinarian. Did you know mileage you drive in support of a charity can be tax deductible? Most of our transport requests are posted on our Facebook page and sent out to our mailing list as needed.

  • Event Volunteers. Our regular and special fundraising events always need volunteers to help make this a success. A request goes out for volunteers about a month before the events on Facebook and our mailing list. Check out our Events page for more information about specific events.

  • Foster Families. With a little space in your house and some patience, you can be a herooooo to a Beagle in need! Foster families are the MVPs of SBR. Without our volunteer foster homes, we would not be a successful rescue! Fostering a dog is a very rewarding experience and foster dogs are matched up with most suitable homes for a temporary care situation.Foster volunteers get to know the dog and can answer any question another volunteer or potential adopter may have. This is a wonderful way to give a Beagle his/her best life for the time you foster them.

  • Adoption Counselors. Our adoption counselors review adoption applications and try to make a forever match between a Beagle (sometimes 2!) and the applicant.  We go through a lengthy process (which you may have been through) that ensures that the Beagle and family are right for each other.

  • Home Visitors. Home visit volunteers ensure the safety of the home for a new Beagle.  They put on their Beagle eyes and look for anything a Beagle might get into and provide suggestions to the homeowners.  Not everyone passes on the first home visit!  We need to make sure it is completely safe for any Beagle.

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