Beagles love to eat! It's their favorite day job. Seriously, they love it so much that it definitely needs your attention and management. We suggest you consult with your veterinarian to find a food that works with activity level, health and age of your pet and your home budget.

Keeping your Beagle healthy means managing their meals AND snacks together. Beagles love treats and snacks, so try to keep these to a minimum if you want to keep your Beagle lean and healthy and fit for a magazine cover.


At SBR, we see a lot of overweight and obese Beagles. Overweight and obese dogs are prone to health problems, especially as they age, and just like people, it is harder to lose weight when they start slowing down. You can avoid expensive vet bills and keep your Beagle's weight in control by:

  • Feed between 674 and 922 calories per day for adult dogs that are not pregnant.

  • Feeding healthy treats, sparingly, especially for reinforcing good behavior.

  • If you like treating frequently, consider using tiny training treats as reinforcement for good behavior.

  • Do not leave food out for "grazing" or use a food dispenser for Beagles.

  • If you have multiple dogs, feed them separately at the same time.
  • Dogs like routines, so feed at the same time(s) every day.

  • Provide play and regular exercise.

Great healthy snacks for Beagles include deli turkey or chicken, fresh raw veggies and fruits, just like people! Do not feed your dog onions, chocolate, grapes, or foods with alcohol. Leave those for yourself to enjoy, and keep paws off! Talk to your veterinarian about other healthy snacks for your Beagle and other foods to definitely avoid.

Remember! Food is not love for dogs, food is nourishment. You can use petting, praise and playtime to show your Beagle you love them: they will love you back just as much as a treat!