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When it comes to grooming, Beagles are low maintenance compared to other breeds. Here are a few tips:

  • Use a slicker brush about once a week to remove hair. In spring, Beagles with certain types of undercoats and cooler climates may need brushing more often to control shedding the winter coat.

  • Bathe your Beagle. Basically, this is most necessary when they are dirty and stinky. Depending on their activity level and what they've gotten into or rolled on, baths can be needed as often as once a week or so or as infrequent as every two months! Wash faces with a gentle washcloth without soap, or at least keep soap away from those big eyeballs.

  • If you notice your Beagle's coat getting dry or itchy and they are pretty healthy: try fewer baths, changing their diet, or adding a fish oil supplement. Coats can get dry or itchy from other health issues like allergies, certain medications, or other health problems.

  • Those EARS! Those signature Beagle ears are collectors of goo and brambles and can easily become infected. It's a good idea to check ears regularly, and use an over-the-counter ear rinse with a cottonball to clean those floppies when you bathe them or about once a month.

  • Toenails. If you can hear your Beagle's nails clicking against the floor or pavement, it's probably getting to be time to clip your dog's nails with a clipper or dremel. If your dog has dew claws, don't forget to trim these nails too!

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