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Bailey came to us in January 2017. We got a call from Bailey's neighbor that his dad passed away and the out of state family did not want Bailey. He would be euthanized. Hopefully, we found a wonderful foster home for him. Bailey had immediate medical needs. His teeth were in terrible shape so he had a dental, a suspicious growth was removed and was benign. In addition, Bailey has arthritis and needs daily meds for that. Bailey's amazing foster family offered to keep Bailey for whatever time he has left, rather than uproot him again to an adoptive home if one could be found. Initial medical costs for Bailey were high and now he has ongoing medication to keep him comfortable and happy. Bailey is having a good life because of medical intervention and lots of love and attention. Bailey needs blood-work, every 6 months.  Each day he takes Rimadyl, Proin for incontinence, and medication for anxiety. 


From the foster family

Since Bailey joined his family he has never played. Weeks later, his mom lobbed a ball and it seemed to disappear. Where'd it go? Then she saw Bailey furtively strolling off with something in his mouth. Could it be? Yes indeed, Bailey had the tennis ball in his grizzled mouth and was skulking off with it. He dropped it; it rolled; he batted it with his paws, then picked it up again. Mom took it, showed it to him, then tossed it a short way. He went and got it. He played ball for about five minutes, and then mom and Bailey went to the kitchen for treats.


Dog's PAWfile

  • Age: 13-year-old

  • Gender: Male

  • Primary color: White, brown and black

  • Coat length: Short

  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes

  • Current on vaccinations? Yes

  • Good with other pets? Yes

  • Good with kids? Yes