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Thank you for choosing to adopt a homeless beagle.

If you do not live in the Seattle area or are not able to come to Seattle to adopt a beagle, please use this map to find the beagle rescue closest to you. We do not ship dogs. 


We all know beagles are cute, just the right size and have quite the personality, which is why we follow a process to determine what might be the best fit for the beagle and the best fit for your family.  Just call us your very own beagle matchmaker!


Every family is different and every beagle is different.  Some beagles are escape artists while others are quite content just staying at home.  Some beagles can be very talkative and others might have just a few words. 


ALL beagles love food, and as scent hounds, they are determined to get to whatever it is you are trying to hide.  That is why we have volunteers who do home visits. 

Following our adoption procedures will help us get to know you, and you to know the beagles.  Let’s get started!


Once you are ready, take a look at the wonderful beagles we have available and fill out an adoption form

*Please note that SBR, as a general guideline, does not adopt out to apartments/condos, unfenced yard, or families with children 5 years and under. These limitations take into account breed characteristics that often make them ill-suited for these contexts. If you have extenuating circumstances such as you can take your dog to work, you are home most of the time, or your children have grown up with dogs, please feel free to fill reach out. Thank you again for your interest in providing a forever home for a hound in need.

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