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How Your Money Helps

  • $40 - Boarding our pups

  • $50 - Grooming visit

  • $73 - A vet exam

  • $25 - A rabies vaccination

  • $25 - A distemper vaccination

  • $25 - A bordatella vaccination

  • $25 - A lepto vaccination

  • $117 - Presurgical blookwork

  • $375 - Spay

  • $300 - Neuter

  • $415 - Senior Best Care (bloodwork, urinalysis, fecal, x-ray and exam)



Sponsoring one of our beagles is a great way to show your support for Seattle Beagle Rescue. We count on the donations of generous animal lovers like you to be able to save the beagles. In many cases, these homeless dogs come to us in bad condition and require extensive veterinary care—much more than the adoption donation covers. Each beagle we take in gets examined by a vet, vaccinated, tested for parasites, and spayed/netuered, and we also treat any other health issues. For older dogs, we run full bloodwork to get a good picture of their health. As a volunteer non-profit organization, we rely on your support to be able to provide this care.

How Sponsoring a Beagle Works

To sponsor a beagle, visit our Available Dogs page, find a beagle you want to sponsor, and click on the Sponsor Me! link on that pet's petshelter page. You will be asked to fill out a short form, and then you will have the option of paying online or mailing in your donation. Thanks for your generosity!

Ready to sponsor?

Click Here to see beagles available through Seattle Beagle Rescue.

If you'd like to donate money to Seattle Beagle Rescue, but not for a particular dog, click on the donate button below.

Privacy Policy

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