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   Spotlight Beagle: Abby  
Hi!  My name is Abby and I am the perfect beagle! 
'Why' you ask?  Because I am part cocker spaniel too!

While I do love following scents (very beagley), I haven't escaped (because I have a great foster home!), I haven't gotten into the garbage (because my foster mom manages those kinds of things) and you won't hear me Arrrrrroooooooooo either.
I do love to go for walks and my gift to you is sitting nicely while you put my harness and leash on me and we can have a nice leisurely walk.  Not many beagles have that repertoire…  
I do love to chase those squirrels and I get excited about them so I will growl and chase them in the yard.  I am so entertaining!
I am also stubborn like a cocker spaniel (little joke, I am part cocker spaniel).  So I would love to go to an obedience class with you so we can learn more about each other.
I am looking for a home that will provide me with some structure (I am ready for bed by 10:30pm) and daily walks.  
Underneath all this cuteness, is just a sweet loyal dog, who likes to go for walks, give kisses and needs some guidance.

Do you have room in your life for me?


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 Tribute to Chandler  

Chandler was rescued 14 years ago, or pretty much he chose me. We had a great 12 years together. Prior to his passing, this video was made. As he aged he could no longer walk the daily mile. I hope you enjoy this

Click Here

~Nancy Brocard

Spotlight Beagle: VAL  ADOPTED!
Hi there, I’m Val.  I’m called that because I was sprung from a shelter in Los Angeles by Beagle Rescue on Valentine’s Day.  That’s especially nice of Beagle Rescue considering I’m probably more dachshund than beagle. Continue reading Val's story...

Tribute to Winston  

Winston was dropped off at the shelter where I was volunteering just after my previous beagle had passed away. Nobody was showing much interest in him, and I felt bad for him. Continue reading Winston's story...

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It is a great way to help Seattle Beagle Rescue help more beagles!
Foster Volunteers Needed

Every day we get calls from shelters or from individuals asking if we can help save a beagle. Our ability to help is dependant on whether we have a foster home open. If you have room in your home and your heart for a temporary floppy-eared house guest, please let us know - you'll truly be saving a life!
Please consider filling out this form to join our family of foster volunteers.

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We are a volunteer organization dedicated to saving homeless beagles and placing them in loving and committed families. Beagles come to us from different sources - shelters, strays, and private homes.
We depend on the kind hearts and generosity of people like you to support our efforts to help us save the dogs.

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